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Easter in Peru

One of the most amazing experiences in Cusco is Holy Week. While the city which seems to celebrate a festival every few days, its done in especially grand style for Holy Week with the Lord of the Earthquakes, protector of the city. On May 31, 1650 an earthquake shook the city and destroyed houses and temples. At that point, many people believed a miracle happened: Indios, lords, slaves and mestizos came together to pray to the Christo de los Temblores for shelter. Ever since, the Holy Week is observed with numerous processions. Food, dancing and connecting with the community.

Volunteer Vacations in Peru with Globe Aware
  cusco easter

April Fool’s Around-the-World

april fishFrance –Traditionally, schoolchildren will tape a picture of a fish on the back of an unsuspecting classmate

Scotland –sending a mate on a fool’s errand is the name of the game: you should ask someone to deliver a sealed message asking for help, the contents of which instruct the recipient to pass it along and continue the chain.

Portugal – The Sunday and Monday prior to Lent is when the Portuguese celebrate April Fools’, their ritual prank: throwing flour on someone.

India – India’s Holi festival is celebrated on March 31, and is a day to play jokes, toss colored dust and wear face and body paint to inaugurate spring.


Featured volunteer of the month:
Deondre’ Jones!

volunteer Deondre' JonesDeondre’ was part of the North Carolina State University school group that went on our trip to Costa Rica Orosi Valley. We were so excited to have the group go with us on our trip. Here are a few things Deondre’ took away from his time spent in the Orosi Valley:

Why did you go on a volunteer vacation?

“I went on a Globe Aware trip through a program here at North Carolina State University. I've always loved serving abroad and NC State maintains a great connection with several nonprofit partners across the world.”

What was one thing you took away from the trip?

“One thing that surprised me about my trip was how connected Globe Aware kept us as volunteers with the locals. During my stay with Globe Aware, I met and got to know several Costa Ricans who have made a lasting impact on me as a person.”

What was the most exciting part of your trip?

“The most exciting part of my trip was definitely being able to look at all the work my team did for the community and be proud of it. Because of my experience in service with Globe Aware, leaving Costa Rica was difficult. Someday, I certainly hope to return.”

Deondre' with Paco's family


Join us for a webinar on corporate volunteerism:
April 8, 2015 at 1:00 pm cst.

More information: CLICK HERE



celebrity style prank    Some good hearted pranks:

  1. Post it notes- You can stick post it notes on a coworkers cubicle/office. They can vary in colors or cover entire objects, such as: desks, computers, chairs, etc. As long as they don’t damage any office supplies or materials.

  2. Balloons- Filling your favorite coworker’s office or cubicle with balloons. Maybe even go a little farther and say that one of them is filled with twenty dollars (but not actually have a twenty dollar bill in them).

  3. Celebrity style- Covering your coworker’s office with pictures of their favorite celebrity!

    *April Fool’s!



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